Sunday, July 04, 2010

Ratzinger was Right #327

"The present day crisis is due to the fact that the connecting link between the subjective and the objective realms has disappeared, that reason and feeling are drifting apart, and that both are ailing because of it."

_Truth and Tolerance_, 143.

This reminds me of the following saying, which I'm reconstructing from memory, so it might be different from the original.

"Reason without feeling leaves one like a ship with a rudder but no sail: It goes nowhere. Feeling without reason leaves one like a ship with a sail but not rudder: it goes wherever the wind blows."

What we want, of course, is both motivation and direction. We want a vector. The love of God serves as both motivation and guide. The inner essence of God is Love and Reason: self-giving and self-consistency. All contradictions are satanic. If Christianity is true, then it never contradicts science. If some scientific theory is true, then it never contradicts Christian doctrine. In any case of apparent contradiction, either the appearance is mistaken or we have misinterpreted either the Book of God's Word or the Book of God's World.


Friday, July 02, 2010

Obama Drops Gauntlet to Pro-lifers


It's definitely a good thing and cause for celebration, but it's got little to do with abortion politics. Or rather, it has a very bizarre connection: "See, we like babies too. I mean, kill them if you want to, but if you want to keep them, we want them to flourish." That's a very strange logic.

More than anything, it's a gauntlet thrown down to pro-lifers: "You say you care about unborn babies? Then fund this." From that standpoint, I totally approve. It's both clever strategy and and a good way to keep the heat on Republicans who talk a good talk but tend to fail to deliver on Pro-life pledges while going to the mat for large corporate donors.

Now let's see if Obama's "seamless garment of life" actually extends to so-called *unwanted* babies. It is, after all, a human rights issue. "Unwanted" humans are humans.