Friday, July 02, 2010

Obama Drops Gauntlet to Pro-lifers


It's definitely a good thing and cause for celebration, but it's got little to do with abortion politics. Or rather, it has a very bizarre connection: "See, we like babies too. I mean, kill them if you want to, but if you want to keep them, we want them to flourish." That's a very strange logic.

More than anything, it's a gauntlet thrown down to pro-lifers: "You say you care about unborn babies? Then fund this." From that standpoint, I totally approve. It's both clever strategy and and a good way to keep the heat on Republicans who talk a good talk but tend to fail to deliver on Pro-life pledges while going to the mat for large corporate donors.

Now let's see if Obama's "seamless garment of life" actually extends to so-called *unwanted* babies. It is, after all, a human rights issue. "Unwanted" humans are humans.


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