Friday, January 20, 2006

Scottish Skeptic Discovers Sacramentalism

I was reading Hume for class and came across this lovely reference.

The ceremonies of the Roman Catholic religion may be considered as instances of
the same nature. The dev- otees of that superstition usually plead in excuse for
the mummeries, with which they are upbraided, that they feel the
good effect of those external motions, and pos- tures, and actions, in
enlivening their devotion and quick- ening their fervour, which otherwise would
decay, if directed entirely to distant and immaterial objects. We shadow out the
objects of our faith, say they, in sensible types and images, and render them
more present to us by the immediate presence of these types, than it is pos-
sible for us to do merely by an intellectual view and contemplation.

Hey, he gets it! Catholicism isn't gnostic!


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