Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The stages of forgiveness cont'd

Here're some more thoughts on forgiveness.

Psychological stages:
self-pity, anger, desire of vengeance, indifference/resentment. It may stop here. However, if you really cared for your friend, there can be a continuation:
feeling sorry for a lost friend/ reevaluation of the previous relationship, forming a new concept of friendship (or whatever relationship you were in).

Spiritual decisions, actions and attitudes that are helpful in the process of forgiveness:

the faith in basic goodness of every human being;
examination of consciousness in all the areas of life and striving for the virtue of humility;
perseverance, courage and a firm decision to make the best out of the relationship;
contemplating the passion of Christ,
a decision and willing to forgive (which does not necessarily imply the feeling of forgivrness).



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