Saturday, March 03, 2007

Tomb Scmoomb

New York Times has good article today on the Jesus Tomb hoax (it's shaping up to be a perfect sequal to the James Tomb hoax). Here's an insighful comment:

And his logic can seem like circular — to the point of fallacious — reasoning.
“The idea of finding Jesus’ tomb might not seem so outlandish if we could locate tombs belonging to his followers,” Mr. Jacobovici says to his crew.
Soon after he adds, “Although we found ourselves in the wrong tomb, perhaps these finely crafted ossuaries, so close to the Talpiot tomb, are somehow connected to Jesus or his followers.”
In other words, because this is Jesus’ tomb, the nearby tombs are likely those of his followers; because those nearby tombs are likely those of his followers, this must be the tomb of Jesus.

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