Saturday, July 07, 2007

The Latin Mass is Back

Actually, it never really went anywhere according to canon law, but liturgists kept it in the background to say the least. I can't help but lead with this quote:

It has clearly been demonstrated that young persons, too, have discovered this liturgical form, felt its attraction and found in it a form of encounter with the mystery of the most holy Eucharist particularly suited to them.

This document has been in the making for quite some time and is in part aimed at bringing back into the fold members of the Society for Saint Pius the Tenth (SSPX) who broke away from the Church over changes real or imagined in Vatican II.

The text has not yet been translated into English, but an explanatory letter by the Pontiff has (link). The official Latin text is here.

Following are some leading Catholic news wire storeis.

Catholic News Agency: Pope establishes the full return of the Tridentine Mass with new letter

Catholic World News: Pope broadens access to 1962 Mass

Surprisingly, Zenit and bunch of others still haven't posted stories at the time of writing.

Saint Blog's Parish will be ablaze I imagine. Here's a list of Catholic blogs I watch:

Just a few weeks ago--just a few posts ago--we discussed the growing popularity of the Latin Mass--again, especially among younger people as Chesterton predicted. In fact, I doubt doors will be broken down by parishioners demanding the Latin Mass. This fact--to be expected--will no doubt be reported attended by such headlines as "Latin Mass Falls Flat" and "Faithful Not Interested in Aged Pope's 'Reforms'".

Of *course* most people--including priests and Bishops--will go on with life as usual. That's the American way. The "small" difference--which I think could have big ramifications--is that fewer people will feel the need to turn to organizations like SSPX for a "traditional" Mass and the more reasonable members of that group will feel comfortable in returning. There's some good energy in SSPX too, and it will be nice to have it back in the Church.

It should also provide an opportunity for folks like me--and some less traditional folks--to occasionally ground themselves in a Mass which wears its reverence on its sleeve. I like my kids to see a more traditional, more obviously relevant Mass, and I don't like the current narrow range of choices.

Please alert me when you see the first headline long the lines of those I mentioned above, I want to see just how long they wait.

Until then...semper fi! ;-)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

vinnie the sQuid here:
This is sort of surreal because on the one hand this event is a sort of and internal matter for the Church, but on the other hand, this is so enriching for the life of the world. What I mean is that this could open the door towards slowly bringing up the grandeur and majesty of the liturgy and improving the life of the church so deeply. Also, the secular news media will see it as either inconsequential or find some point to squabble about as you mentioned. But all the while they most likely will miss the significance of how important this is for them, and for us. I think this is an historic day. Wisdom makes her dwelling with this man we call our pope.

Saturday, July 07, 2007 10:16:00 PM  
Anonymous Mary said...

It is very interesting to see how many parishes add a Latin Mass.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007 8:21:00 AM  

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