Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Mailbag: When Tossed at Sea

dude. im lost in a big way. i feel like im in a spiritual and intellectual haze and the harder i strive to get out the thicker the fog gets. any wise words pointing towards clarity?
Jesus. As in, the Jesus Prayer. This is the version I pray: "Lord Jesus, have mercy upon me a poor sinner." That much is clear, right? He is our LORD, the one with the right to command us. He is JESUS, God among us, what we need from him is MERCY above all for our wasting what we have been givin, for becomming first and formost SINNERS, sinners who are POOR in that we have not the resources to save ourselves. I understand the feeling of spirtual waywardness. You are upon the waves. You are sea sick. It is right that you have set sale in search of a spiritual home, the nausia is natural. Just do what I'd adivse you to do if you were on a literal ship tossed in a literal sea: pray the Jesus Prayer until it prays you.


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