Monday, April 10, 2006


That's Latin for "shout out". This shout out goes to some new friends of mine.
I'd like to perform some introductions: Members and Readers of X-Catholics, this is The Cornell Society for a Good Time, the blog of Cornell University's Catholic Circle. I met two members of the circle at the 8th Annual Augustine Lectio last weekend: John Yarborough and Rachel Smith. John is a recent convert from Lutheranism. He was on a pre-seminary track at Valparaiso University, then did a Masters in Biblical Languages at Oxford, and is now a PhD candidate in Philosophy at Cornell. Rachel is a recent convert from Mormonism. She did her undergrad at Notre Dame where her dad (a sometime contributor to First Things whose latest book was reviewed by Antonin Scalia in the November issue) was a Law Professor (Stumpe? did you have a class with a Dr. Smith?). She is also in the PhD program in Philosophy at Cornell.

(Saint Augustine)

I spent many hours of great conversation with them and it was really a highlight of the semester. I hope to join them for a Latin Mass in Ithaca. Currently they drive an hour and a half each way to Scranton to attend a (licit) Latin Mass. They've got a very nice blog and I hope readers of X-Catholics will visit it.

(Saint John Bosco)


Blogger Iosephus said...

Dear Trent, thanks for the link! I'm glad that you're out from under the work and back blogging.

Monday, April 10, 2006 7:13:00 PM  

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