Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Debate in MO is "Heaton" Up

I hope I'm the first one to get that pun in! There's quite a constellation of stars gathering in the Show Me State (soon, young Missourians will think the "show" stands for "television show").

At one level, this is absurd. Can we do *nothing* in this country without the approval of Hollywood? Christians felt so affirmed when Mad Mel gave them something to see at the box office, but did they really need this, should it have meant so much that someone from Hollywood, a real life *actor* had endorsed their faith?

Nevertheless, you want people to pay attention and the usual method--scantily clad women--does not seem appropriate here, so what are ya gonna do?

Don't get me wrong, "they started it" is true in this case. Strategically, if they are getting their message out, we have to counter. I'm sorry its come to that, but that's the way it is.


Patricia Heaton, Sports Stars Rebut Michael J. Fox on Missouri Stem Cell Ad
St. Louis, MO ( -- Pro-life advocates in Missouri have prepared a response ad to one that actor Michael J. Fox has made in numerous states that contains misleading information about pro-life candidates and their views on stem cell research. The new ads feature St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Jeff Suppan and stars Jim Caviezel of "The Passion of Christ."

Fox recorded an ad that aired during the first game of the World Series and St. Louis-area voters were falsely told that pro-life Sen. Jim Talent, who is in one of the nation's closest Senate races, does not support stem cell research. "Amendment 2 claims to ban human cloning, but in the 2000 words you won't read, it makes cloning a constitutional right," Suppan says in the ad.

Suppan will be pitching for the Cardinals tonight and the ad is slated to be shown during the World Series. The ad also features former St. Louis Rams quarterback Kurt Warner, Patricia Heaton of the hit comedy series Everybody Loves Raymond, and Kansas City Royals star Mike Sweeney. "This is a powerful response to the misleading ads about Amendment 2," Cathy Ruse, a spokeswoman for Missourians Against Human Cloning, tells

"The truth is, Amendment 2 would create a constitutional right to human cloning and human egg trafficking in Missouri," Ruse says. "We are so pleased to have this kind of star power behind our efforts to expose the deceptions in Amendment 2." Read the complete story.
Michael J. Fox Blasts More Pro-Life Candidates on Stem Cell ResearchWheaton, IL

( -- Actor Michael J. Fox is continuing his barrage against pro-life candidates on the issue of stem cell research. A longtime actor who is afflicted with Parkinson's, Fox has come under fire from pro-life groups and candidates over his misleading ads that claim candidates who oppose embryonic stem cell research oppose all research in general. Fox campaigned in a Chicago-area congressional district on Tuesday to back pro-abortion candidate Tammy Duckworth.

Meanwhile, Fox has continued his line of false ads with another one in Wisconsin that promotes Gov. Jim Doyle, who has been one of the staunchest advocates of making taxpayer pay for research that destroys human life. "What you decide can affect millions of people -- like me, like your family," says Fox. "Please, re-elect Gov. Doyle. For all of us." Calling himself a "one issue guy," Fox said he was "honored" to help Doyle. The ad blasts Mark Green for opposing embryonic stem cell research even though he has a $25 million dollar plan to have the state promote adult stem cells. "His latest ad, which is part of a national smear campaign by Democrats, flat out lies about my record on stem cell research," Green said in a statement. "However, using a celebrity to further Jim Doyle's false attacks does not make them any more true." Read the complete story.


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