Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Double Double Toil and Trouble

Michael J. Fox Blasted for Misleading Missouri Stem Cell Research Ad
St. Louis, MO (LifeNews.com)

Residents of St. Louis are understandably excited as their hometown baseball team is in the World Series. However, Missourians are being shown more than they bargained for when tuning into the television broadcasts as they're also having to watch a stem cell research ad that is getting national attention for its misleading nature. The commercial ran on Sunday evening and features actor Michael J. Fox, who has previously upset pro-life advocates with his embryonic stem cell research advocacy.

The ad features Fox, who is clearly increasingly suffering from the effects of Parkinson's disease, but who makes inaccurate generalizations about stem cell research. “In Missouri, you can elect Claire McCaskill, who shares my hope for cures,” Fox tells viewers urging them to support the pro-abortion, pro-cloning candidate. "Unfortunately Senator Jim Talent opposes expanding stem cell research," Fox claims. "Senator Talent even wanted to criminalize the science that gives us a chance for hope."

Though the ad makes it appear Talent opposes all kinds of stem cell research, he has voted in favor of spending millions in federal funds for adult stem cell research, the only kind of research that has ever cured a single patient. What Talent has opposed is forcing taxpayers to pay for studies using embryonic stem cells, which can only be obtained by destroying human life. Read the complete story.


At the same time, abortion opponents in MO need to send a message to Talent that he needs to reign in his advertising wing which was censured by FactCheck.org this week for misleading attack adds in which he makes it look like newspapers have uncovered deception in Claire McCaskill when the newspapers were really just quoting her opponents.

That's a pretty serious breach of ethics and the Pro-Life movement is not served by deception. I think Pro-Lifers should go to his website and tell him that such practices only hurt the Pro-Life movement in the end.


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