Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Not in Kansas Any More

...and thank God!

There are *some* nice things about Kansas but this Missouri native did not enjoy living there *at all*.

So there's bad news and good news from the Land of Oz.

• Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius Vetoes Abortion Statistics Reporting Bill

The bill would merely have required abortionists to keep track of how many late-term abortions were for health reasons. Nothing like heading off pro-life evidence at the pass, eh?

But there is some good news too.

• Kansas Spends $150K for Adult Stem Cell Research With Umbilical Cords

I wish the press would let the folk know that Catholics are all for stem cell research.

It's just that there are better sources of stem cells than corpses owned by Big Abortion, the multi-billian dollar a year, trans-national industry.


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