Saturday, October 28, 2006

MOKAN Update

I want to continue these updates, but please don't miss Frank's Post below this one!

Missouri Residents Should Defeat Human Cloning Prop, Doctors Say
Jefferson City, MO ( -- Doctors from across Missouri joined leaders of a national Christian medical group at a press conference Thursday to speak out against Amendment 2, a controversial ballot initiative that would promote human cloning and embryonic stem cell research. They said the measure has numerous problems. Russ Dieterich, MD, who is the head of the Missouri task force of physicians for the Christian Medical Association, said he's worried the amendment is deceiving state residents. “When Missourians go to the polls, the description on the ballot leads them to believe they are voting against human cloning when they actually will be voting to protect it," he said. Dr. Dieterich is also concerned about the cost to taxpayers. “The wording of the amendment states that state and local government cannot withhold or deny funding for lawful stem cell research," he said. "This would mean that Missouri tax dollars would be spent on human cloning.” Meanwhile, J. Lynn Teague, MD, Associate Professor at the University of Missouri School of Medicine, said the measure would put the state on record advocating the destruction of human life. "Early stem cell research, somatic cell nuclear transfer, whatever you want to call it--is cloning," Dr. Teague asserted. "It’s making a person--a very tiny person." Read the complete story.

Kansas Abortion Practitioner Again Spends Thousands on Campaigning
Wichita, KS ( -- A leading late-term abortion practitioner who was responsible for the abortion death of a disabled teenager last year is spending thousands of dollars in another attempt to defeat pro-life Attorney General Phill Kline. Kline upset George Tiller with an investigation into whether sexually abused girls were getting abortions. Tiller targeted Kline during the 2002 elections and spent tens of thousands of dollars in an effort to defeat him. It appears the same thing is happening this time around. A group called Kansans for Consumer Privacy Protection has been sending out harshly critical campaign mailings attacking Kline. The organization has the same office address as ProKanDo, a pro-abortion political action committee Tiller founded. Kline spokeswoman Sherriene Jones told the Lawrence Journal World newspaper, the evidence seems clear that Tiller is behind the latest attacks. “This is evidence that George Tiller is beginning his backdoor assault on the attorney general," she said. Abortion has been an issue int he race as Kline faces pro-abortion Democrat Paul Morrison, the Johnson County district attorney. Morrison has said he would halt the probe into whether girls who were victims of statutory rape got abortions and the crime not reported to law enforcement. Read the complete story.



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