Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Updated Documents

I've updated a bit two documents which I send to seekers quite a bit.

One is on Apostolic Succession.

The other is on the Real Presence.

The are very short documents consisting quotations from the Fathers with very brief comments and highlighting.

Their purpose is not to look pretty, but to get busy people to take in crucial information quickly.

There are lots of places where such things can be found but I find they are either too long or too short. One way they are too long is by bogging the reader down in detail that will lose their attention. Another way is by including quotations which need too much theological context--context lacking in such a reader ex hypothesi--to be of evidential value. The way they are often too short is by omitting really juicy passages which, with just a little commentary, can be of significant evidential value.


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